Yoga Mat Carry Bag

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Large Yoga Mat Bag

The Yoga Mat Carrier Bag is designed to take a full range of yoga equipment, such as is commonly used in Iyengar yoga - the bag will comfortably accommodate 4 full blocks, 1 mat, 2 bricks, 1 blanket and 1 belt. The bag is equally suitable for those wishing to carry a mat, towel & practice wear to the gym. The long handles mean the bag can be carried by hand, over the shoulder or like a rucksack. Note: Also serves as a mat bag for our 15mm Pilates Mats as the extra long zip opening allows for easy access for bulkier objects. As the zip is double you can also use this bag with an 80cm mat though the mat will protrude from one end.

 We think this is the best yoga mat bag.

Features: One side pocket with embroidered Om, one end pocket & extra long YKK zip to enable easy loading and unloading.

Size: 62cm x 22cm x 22cm 100% cotton