Yoga Bag for All Standard Yoga Mats

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Yoga Bag  for All Standard Yoga Mat Towels or Training Accessories Side Pocket

Brand: uSportsupplies

Color: Karo Muster


  • The easy, the practical: the yoga mat bag with three compartments made from cotton in a beautiful design. Comfortable and easily by means of the shoulder strap, ideal for your yoga mat and yoga accessory quick and convenient to carry. Easily't have any trouble Multi when wrap, the mat in pocket slips and you're done. If not in use, this is's easy to save space.
  • Design: This Yoga Bag offers ideal protection for all standard yoga mat, Pilates Mats, and fitness gym mat mats. This means that the case is open artisans, the mat will always perfect ventilated and you can air after a hot workout to freshen up easily.
  • Quality Premium Material: The Yoga carry case is made from 100% canvas. This cloth are also known as a canvas fabric (100% cotton) and highly renowned over the years for its resistance. This makes for yoga bag, next to the very sleek colour selection and shape and a sturdy and comfortable accessory for your yoga hour. With Yoga Bag you get, it guarantees the right choice, if you need a unusual and practical carry bag for your yoga and pilates training accessories are looking for.
  • Plenty of space: in to roomy interior fit all standard yoga mat as well as a Yoga Hand Towel. The bean side pocket provides plenty of room for the drinks bottle and also has a extra inner compartment with a zip, to ensure that money, phone or keys safe can be stowed. The overall length and width is 76 cm/30 "and 33 cm the main compartment has a depth of 46 cm.
  • All-round bag: The Yoga Bag is not only good for sports, but 398,000 a day to run this also available in other categories: Shopping, trips to the beach and much more.

The true all-rounders:
Simple, intuitive, simple
'"One bag fits everything you need. - The Thought We Had In The Development Of Our yoga bag. This means you will get when you buy no need to worry about whether your mat in the bag matches, have we thought we make as a bag where most All Yoga Mat hineinpassen.
In addition, not only enough room for your yoga mat, but is also suitable for all sports equipment such as towel, water bottle, headphones, yoga block, yoga straps. In the small inside zip pocket to valuables safely.
The wide shoulder strap for the highest level of comfort and prevents unpleasant cut even when the case is slightly heavy pack.
Brand quality:
At Usportsupplies is most of all quality make any sense, so we use only the best material and only work with experts come together.
The premium canvas fabric made from 100% cotton and are a high quality product to ensure a durable and hard-wearing yoga mat bag will keep you even more weight.
Attractively simple:
The simple design of the case can be easily combined with your sports outfit and your yoga mat and makes it an ideal bag to have with you in case a yoga lesson with friends.
* * * Washable up to 40 °C, not suitable for the tumble dryer * * *
* * * Included with bag only - no accessory * * *