Womens Self Defence Training DVD

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Dealing With Close Quarter Violence

This is a great DVD for home training self defence for women. It teaches you a number of self defence techniques on how to respond to close quarter violence in any situation.

Approximately 55 minutes long and covers a number of self defence situations which some women may encounter.

The DVD's emphasis is on key target areas to aim for against an attacker and what part of the women's body to use effectively.

- What to do if a person grabs your hair and how to respond to it effectively and quickly

- Women self defence techniques on how to respond when a person gets you in a headlock

- How to react to strangulation

- When some person grabs you the best technique to over power this person.

When you go out for the evening or travelling abroad you need to know how to defend yourself.......

As the world is changing now is a time when women need to know how to defend themselves at any time in any situation, that is a fact, look at the news...!

Simple defence techniques are proven to be the best. Knowing when you are in a specific situation being grabbed or attacked and the way to resolve the situation quickly is very important.

The DVD is presented by experts, they show the common attacks and situations women find themselves in through no fault of their own and how quickly to respond....!

Imagine having this DVD training and in 1 week knowing that you can confidently defend yourself in any situation.....!

What is that worth....?