OM Yoga Mat Bag

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This cheap yoga mat bag is high quality and they all come with linings, water bottle pockets, mobile pockets, inside zipper pockets and  more. This OM yoga mat bag is made out of fine cotton cloth and has a strong cotton lining inside for support. There is a lovely print of the  Gayatri mantra with symbols of OM on this yoga mat bag. It has a single zipper opener. The belt has an antique finish puller along with a mobile secure pocket. There is also a hand held handle on the inside, so carry it over the shoulder or like a ruck sack or just hold it!  A great yogi feel comes in holding this OM yoga mat bag.

This is one of the best yoga mat bags for sale.

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  • Key holder
  • Inside zipper pocket
  • Mobile/water bottle pocket

78cm x 18 cm x 54 cm