Lunar: Rebalance & Recharge Yoga with Tara Lee - New for 2017

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Actor: Tara Lee

Audience Rating: Exempt

Brand: Tara Lee Yoga

Director: Matt Wright


  • from the amazing Tara Lee Yoga
  • 6 Routines including Meditation and Breathing
  • Suitable for all Levels

Format: PAL

Genre: fitness yoga

Number Of Discs: 1

Publisher: New Shoot Pictures Ltd

Running Time: 86

Details: Tara Lee brings you her long awaited follow up to Earth, Air & Water and Fire from the "Elements of Yoga Series" Lunar Yoga, choreographed by Tara Lee  will help you develop a connection with the soothing properties of the moon, to help you feel more calm, relaxed and centred.  These routines are designed to balance the lunar energy, encouraging you to be more intuitive and introspective. Practising these  three  Lunar sequences will help balance your nervous system, relieve stress and relax you enabling you to sleep better!  This program consists of:  Lunar Body (26 mins)  This flowing sequence of lunar salutations helps you connect to the qualities of the moon while strengthening the body and releasing stored tension. This sequence will help you 'let go' of your day so you can de-stress and feel centred and grounded. Lunar  Rebalance (16mins) & Lunar Recharge (9mins)This 2-part segment focuses on slowing down the mind and synchronising gentle physical movement with the breath. The postures will help release any anxiety and clear the mind. After practising these  routines,  you will feel relaxed and renewed.  Lunar Meditation (16 mins) & Yoga Nidra  (26 mins) Yoga Nidra is a deeply restorative relaxation, excellent for reducing stress and exhaustion. You will scan different parts of your body with awareness and enter into a state of 'yogic sleep'. Practise before bed or anytime you need to recharge.