Manduka LiveON Yoga Mat 5mm

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Manduka Liveon Mat 5mm is manufactured with nearly zero waste. It is a great mat for beginners and for this lovely planet of ours. As an incentive we offer Free shipping and a bonus Yoga DVD.

You can choose from 4 Yoga DVD  levels ranging from beginners, intermediates, advanced and kids yoga.


This mat has the following key features

•  Weight 1.7 lbs and 71" x 24" 5 mm thick

The Manduka Liveon Mat 5mm is a very lightweight and can be carried easily when on the move. As mentioned previously it is a great yoga beginners mat and you can take advantage of a Bonus Yoga for beginners DVD when you purchase this mat.

We love that this yoga mat is 100% reclaimable & recyclable and contributing to the welfare of the planet.

The yoga mat is made from PLUSfoam® that is sustainable unlike some alternative foams.

Nasty bacteria is prevented from absorbing in the Manduka Liveon Mat due to it's closed cell surface.

Enjoy your yoga whilst protecting the earth!