Kundalini Yoga DVD

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The Definitive 5 Kundalini Yoga DVD Boxset with Natalie Wells

Actor: Natalie Wells

Audience Rating: Exempt

Director: Matt Wright


  • 5 DVD Bost Set
  • Over 300 minutes of Practices

Format: DVD-Video

Number Of Discs: 5

Publisher: New Shoot Pictures Ltd

Running Time: 330

Details: Kundalini Yoga for Your Week - 5 practices to find Happiness, Inner Power, Clarity, Abundance and Love. Monday is associated with the moon.  It is a day for reflection, connecting with your innermost thoughts and enhancing your intuition. This practice will stimulate your mind-body connection, allowing you to choose thoughts, words and actions that are in alignment with your authentic self! Tuesday is associated with Mars. It is a day focusing on boosting courage, self-confidence and a balanced ego, which are linked to the energy of third chakra. Today's practice strengthens the navel point, getting the body's core in shape quickly. Building power at the navel also increases willpower and your aptitude to live by your values. Wednesday is associated with the planet Mercury and is for reinforcing your ability to communicate clearly and to speak your truth. Today's kriya works on the associated glands of the throat chakra, the thyroid and parathyroid. By practising this routine, you will feel your capacity to communicate your true feelings with greater clarity and purpose. Thursday is associated with the planet Jupiter. It is a day for focusing on growth, expansion, prosperity and good fortune. This routine is designed to develop inner radiance, helping you to overcome any barriers to manifesting the life of your dreams. This energising set gets your heart pumping and charges your electro-magnetic field, the very subtle field emitted by the heart. Friday is associated with the planet Venus and is linked to themes of love, pleasure, harmony and relationships. It is a day to focus on living your life with an open and generous heart. Today's practice is a workout for the heart, lungs and circulatory system and also stimulates the thymus gland.