Flow Yoga: Elements of Yoga: Air & Water with Tara Lee DVD

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Actor: Tara Lee

Audience Rating: Exempt

Brand: Tara Lee

Director: Matt Wright

Format: PAL

Number Of Discs: 1

Publisher: New Shoot Pictures Ltd

Running Time: 90

Details: Tara is an amazing yoga teacher!, Cat Deeley

Air & Water is the second release in Tara Lee's elements of yoga series. This title was created as a more flow based practice, focusing on connecting to the Air & Water elements inside us all. The routines are all about opening up the chest and expansion while linking the fluid movement of the postures to the water element.

The DVD is divided into three 20 minute sequences and can be played in succession or individually. In addition, there are 4 bonus features:
10 minute balancing series
10 minute core workout
10 minute breathing exercise
5 minute relaxation.

Practising these routines will help create space in the body, linking fluid movement with breath as well as open the heart centre.

Here is a trailer for this DVD : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2aG5ERJP_g

"Tara introduced me to the wonderful world of yoga 10 years ago... I couldn't even touch my toes! I've been hooked ever since. Like every woman, sometimes it's hard to steal, even, thirty minutes for myself, I'm constantly traveling and juggling schedules. But with her yoga DVD even I can find some me time, to focus my mind, reset my body and just breathe!" Cat Deeley