Everyday Yoga for Stress Release DVD with Nadia Narain

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Actor: Nadia Narain

Audience Rating: Exempt

Brand: Nadia Narain

Director: Matt Wright

Format: DVD-Video

Number Of Discs: 1

Publisher: New Shoot Pictures Ltd

Running Time: 70

Details: Everyday Yoga for Stress Release was created by Nadia Narain to help restore balance in people's lives. Modern life can sometime leave us feeling overwhelmed and overburdened physically, mentally and spiritually. These simple yet highly effective 20-minute programmes have been designed to help you release the tension stored from our life experiences. By practising these sequences once a day, you will begin to let go of the stress, negative patterns and emotions stored in your body, allowing you to move forward in life in a calmer, more harmonic state of being. Nadia is a leading teacher of yoga in the UK and is sought after by celebrities and students for her powerful straightforward teachings. Practice 1focuses on a gentle flow when you are feeling tired and have less energy for a dynamic practice. It includes many postures, such as forward bends that calm the mind, sooth your adrenal glands and help relax you to aid in deeper sleep. Practice 2 focuses on a more strengthening, fluid flow, for those days when you have more energy and want to burn off some tension. Practice 3 focuses on quickly relieving your body from anxiety. This unique sequence will counter highly stressful feelings and emotions helping you to rapidly experience relief from traumatic events in your life. Bonus: Loving Kindness Meditation & Breathing Meditation "Nadia's spirituality awakens my body and soul." Kate Moss "Yoga with Nadia is the most complete yoga class I have ever practised. Mind, body and spirit. She has it all!" Reese Witherspoon