Copper Neti Pot For Nasal Irrigation

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Brand: Lynpha Vitale


  • For washing and disinfecting the nasal cavity.
  • Copper receptacle
  • Part of the ancient Hatha Yoga tradition
  • Beneficial effects on overall health

Details: A neti pot is used for washing and disinfecting the nasal cavity. The cleaning technique of the nose is called Jala neti, part of the ancient Hatha Yoga tradition. Washing the nose using this method is great for disinfecting the respiratory system and removing air pollution from it, loosening mucus and therefore improving breathing. Using the neti pot is very simple and helps to gently flow a solution of salt and water from one nostril to the other. How to use: if the head is tilted correctly, and you breathe with your mouth, the water flows naturally from one nostril to the other. After washing, blow the nose gently but well to wash away all the impurities. The small receptacle should be filled with warm water to which you must add a teaspoon of sea salt for every 500 ml of water used. Do not exceed the dose as the salt may cause burns. Now place yourself over a sink, bend forward a little and insert the pot's nozzle in one nostril tilting your head slightly to the opposite side and let the water flow which enters one nostril and comes out from the other (of course to do this you will have to breathe from your mouth). After cleaning one side, gently blow your nose and repeat the procedure for the other nostril.