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Manduka Prolite Best Yoga Mat Midnight

The Manduka PROlite Midnight and Manduka PROlite Indulge are our most popular mats and are certainly our best sellers in the Manduka Yoga mat range.

This type of Manduka yoga mat offers everything a Manduka Pro Mat would have but is lighter. The PROlite is easy to carry to the yoga studio when travelling to and from home or from the office.

The quality of this yoga mat is absolutely fantastic and when you use this yoga mat you will understand why we love it so much.

We sell the Manduka PROlite Midnight and Indulge yoga mats at discounted prices making it affordable to everyone,  making your yoga experience more enjoyable at a fraction of the cost.

This yoga mat has so many amazing features and we have listed just a few these below.


Standard: 4.0 lbs  71” x 24"  5 mm thick
Long:     4.6 lbs  79” x 24"  5 mm thick

This is a high performance mat similar to the Manduka PRO range.

The mat comes with a lifetime guarantee and with superior wear and will improve as it used more and more over time.

We also the love the way the mat's closed cell surface keeps moisture and sweat from seeping into the mat. This surface technology eliminates any bacteria from breeding and thus is the perfect choice for hot yoga.

The Manduka PROlite Midnight and Indulge use a high density cushion and is engineered to be used on any floor surface including different carpet types, hard floors i.e wood
and even cold cement type floors.

These yoga mats are guaranteed not to slide during yoga poses, this is because the mats use a proprietary dot pattern bottom to resist sliding.

These Yoga mats are latex free, OEKO-TEX certified and benefit from emissions free manufacturing.

We think you will like this super mat!

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our Manduka PROlite Midnight and Manduka PROlite Indulge yoga mats.

We also offer a FREE Yoga DVD  from a choice of 4 DVDs beginners, intermediate, advanced and kids yoga on a purchase of any of our Manduka Yoga mats. Just simply state which one you want at cart checkout.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.