Aloe Vera Hair Crystals Liquid 50ml

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HAIR CRYSTALS LIQUID WITH NATURAL OILS Protection and shine Contains the special vegetable mix PHYTOSINERGY (aloe + argan + vegetable keratin from wheat proteins) that nourishes, moisturizes and restores the hair shaft Developed to protect and nourish the hair in different situations:

1. every day on dry hair to revitalize it

2. on wet hair, after washing to protect it from styling

3. on hair just being dried to give shine.

ARGAN OIL: nourishing WHEAT GERM OIL: emollient ALOE VERA: moisturizing LINSEED OIL: restructuring PHYTOSINERGY: vegetable complex with a restructuring action  PARABEN FREECOLORANT FREEGENTLY PERFUMED, ALLERGEN FREE

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