Aerial Yoga Hammock

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The 2.8m width of these hammocks slings allows you to fully lay out flat for a full meditation session, or even get into a full horizontal split (if you're bendy enough), and the 6m length means that you're able to adjust the knots on these to a full variety of heights, to suit any ceiling. If you need to adjust more often though, we recommend our individual loop daisy chains 

These Firetoys Aerial Yoga Hammocks have a small amount of stretch (about 10% across their length), which allows the swing to support you through your workout, and means that any moves that require a thin band of silk across the waist or under the arms are cushioned.

All Firetoys Aerial Yoga Hammocks are inspected and tested in the UK, before being packaged up and sent out to you, we have given them a WLL (working load limit) of 172kgf (379lbs).