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Yoga Bolsters

Yoga Bolsters Facts

A bolster is a very popular accessory for Yoga. It is a large cushion usually rectangular or cylindrical in shape. It aids yoga poses for when a Yogi has difficulty in maintaining posture due to injury or lack of flexibility. The bolster for yogis was developed to overcome any such problems and improve yoga practice. Many prenatal yogis find a bolster very supportive for their lower back.  A bolster will  mould to your body shape as it filled with either man-made fibres or buckwheat hulls, the later provides more firmness and is also eco-friendly. Covers are often made from 100% cotton and are easily removed for cleaning

Use of Yoga Bolster

It can be used in many ways to support the body enabling you to stretch and relax without straining. For example when performing  Asanas such as Adhomukha Virasana (downward facing hero pose) and Viparita Karani (inverted lake pose), the Savasana (corpse pose) may be easier with a bolster placed between the legs or with the lower back resting on it. Or it can be used for simply sitting crossed-legged for meditation. Pregnant women and new Mums have used bolsters during labour and for support while feeding – it a very versatile yoga product.

Types of Yoga Bolster

There are basically two types of bolster : rectangular  - good for a Sukhasana (easy pose) and cylindrical – good for deep chest opening and back bending, the contoured shape helps to fit snugly beneath the knees.  It is advisable to check with your Yoga teacher for advice on which shape may be suitable for your yoga practice.

There is a good range of colours and cover materials - such as 100% organic cotton or the new absorbent eQua micro-fibre fabric from Manduka. The colours on offer are designed to compliment or contrast with existing yoga accessories.  They weigh approximately 2 kg, size 71cm x 30cm depending on style of bolster. Each bolster has a convenient carry handle.

Care of Your Bolster

Cotton covers or eQua micro-fibre fabric covers can be washed at a cool wash cycle with similar colours.

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