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Our Neti Pot Range

What is a Neti Pot?

A neti pot is used to perform the yogic system of nasal cleansing - Jala Neti. This is a cleansing method commonly performed in India. The idea is to cleanse the nasal cavity by pouring water through one nostril to the next. The neti pot - which looks like a small tea-pot - has been designed to pour the water directly into each nostril.


Why use a Neti Pot?

There are several benefits which users of Jala Neti believe are possible such as an improvement to deeper breathing which aids with yoga practice. Also aids sinus problems, nasal congestion, prevention of runny noses and reduction of allergies. Doctor’s advice is recommended if any sinus problems persist. It may also reduce the need for decongestants and use of antibiotics. It is also claimed that your sense of taste and smell can be improved.


How to use a Neti Pot.

To use your neti pot – first fill with tepid water  and the correct quantity of salt. For example use a level teaspoon of salt to half a litre of water. Over a sink tilt your head (approx 45 degrees) and gently pour the solution through a nostril and let it flow through and out of the other nostril. Then wipe nose with tissue and repeat for second nostril. You should breathe through your mouth while doing this. It should only take 5 minutes to cleanse both nostrils. You may find this a bit tricky at first but it will soon become an easy process as with all things – easier with practice. Each neti pot we sell includes a detailed instruction sheet please refer to the instruction sheet before use. After use thorough cleansing of the neti pot is recommended you can wash by hand or use a dishwasher on a low setting.


Types of Neti Pots.

There are various types and sizes of neti pots. You can choose from a white plastic genie lamp shaped at £9.79 to stainless steel tea pot shaped at £19.25 which includes 5 sachets of salt.

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