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Milochie Yoga mats

Milochie Yoga 

Anyone wanting to start a yoga practice at home or attend yoga classes will benefit from buying a yoga mat. A yoga mat has a sticky surface to keep your feet in place when doing yoga positions.  Those who exercise on a regular basis using a mat knows how essential it is to have a firm surface that will not let the slip, most essentially when trying to accomplish balancing positions or poses or when engaging in vigorous practice which causes you to sweat or perspire. Also, the mat stays put once you move.

It is very essential for a yoga mat to cushion the body properly from hard floors to protect joints and bones while engaging in various yoga positions. The Milochie yoga mat provides a good amount of cushioning due to its thickness. This yoga mat is lightweight compared to other mats out there in spite of its thickness. This allows you to carry the yoga mat with ease anywhere you want to go. Whether you need to go to a hotel, your workplace or nearest park, you can carry it around with ease.  

Milochie Yoga Mat Overview

This amazing yoga mat from Milochie is perfect not only for yoga exercise, but also for Pilates and other types of fitness workouts that need a mat.  Milochie yoga mat is an exceptional, attractive as well as natural rubber mat that is made from organic or eco-friendly non-toxic materials. It has an extremely remarkable hold or grip, keeping in the right place during your yoga routine. This is perfect for studio as well as home practice. It has a screen printed pattern that helps in alignment in yoga positions or poses and adds style to your exercise at the same time. Milochie yoga mat is foldable as well as easily transportable, providing the effect of a classical yoga towel and keeping the hold of the yoga mat at the same time.

Essential Features

Milochie yoga mats are equipped with essential features, making it one of the most reliable and most sought after yoga mats these days.

  • Remarkable firm and grip
  • Natural rubber
  • Foldable
  • Biodegradable
  • Durable
  • Individually screen printed
  • Alignment Aid
  • Limited Edition Print : hand drawn designs

Milochie yoga mat measures 173 cm by 61 cm and is 3mm or 1/8 inches thick. This provides you with comfort and safety when doing your routine. It weighs 1.9 kilograms. It is lightweight compared to other brands with the same features and price.

Proper Maintenance of your Milochie Yoga Mat

It is easy to maintain your Milochie Yoga Mat. Just wipe it using a damp cloth or a sponge. Use a mild solution and make sure it doesn’t contain harmful substances or you can make your own solution by mixing water and tea tree oil. After cleaning, store it in a place away from direct sunlight.

Milochie yoga mat was made with careful attention to every detail and has a beautiful design. Since Milochie isn’t mass produced, there could occasionally be slight variations.