Yoga Classes Near Me -

Yoga Classes Near Me

I decided to write this blog to help people find Yoga studios and Yoga classes located in the UK. This came as a result of myself speaking to Yoga teachers about the difficulties in finding studios for Yoga lessons. You often see little adverts in shop windows or restaurants etc. were Yoga teachers often advertise their classes.


There seems to be a lack of Yoga Studios available in the UK and school/village halls etc. are often used as substitute which in my opinion are a 2nd best option. It would be great if a branded chain of Yoga Studios were available across the UK. These could be then made available to Yoga teachers and all levels of people who practice Yoga. These Yoga studios could cater for Hot, Aerial, Hatha and Bikram Yoga. These Yoga Studios should be available at a competative price to ensure Yoga Teachers and Yogis are not priced out, we should be encouraging the practice of Yoga!  

These Yoga studios would have all the facilities, changing rooms/healthy cafe and a small Yoga Retail shop. It's a great way to teach and practice Yoga in a relaxing place and also allowing people to socialise.

I will add more to this Blog at a later date but please find a link to a excellent website which some will be aware of already. This website is a great source of Yoga information.

Yoga Classes Near Me