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Manduka PROlite Yoga Mats

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mats - £58! Free UK Delivery.

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The Manduka PROlite yoga mat still retains its position as a much sought after mat for yoga practice. It is light weight 1.8kg (4lbs) and 5mm thick for comfort on all surfaces and therefore proves very popular for use at studio and home. With dimensions of 180cm (71") in length - which is 3" longer than a standard mat size - and 61 cm (24") width, it provides plenty of room for intense yogo practice. Manufactured in Germany and made from eco-certified safe PVC, free of toxins (specifically phthalate free) and 100% latex-free.

The manufacturing process is certified emissions free, so an eco-friendly mat too. The manufacture and design of each mat ensures ease of movement on the surface and the dot pattern texture on the reverse side ensures a good grip on various surfaces. The fabric-like closed cell top layer design prevents moisture and bacteria from seeping into the mat ensuring a hygenic surface for practice. Each Manduka PROlite yoga mat is known to improve with use over time, is easy to clean after practice and comes with a life-time guarantee.

On purchasing your new Manduka PROlite yoga mat a simple 3-step process is required to get the mat yoga ready. Just unroll and sprinkle with sea salt, let it dry naturally and wipe clean. The break-in process continues with each use of the PROlite yoga mat.

To clean after use lightly scrub the mat with a soft brush, cloth or sponge using Manduka’s All Purpose Mat Wash or similar. Wipe clean with water and air dry outside.

The Manduka PROlite yoga mat is an affordable mat which provides great comfort and quality and with a wide choice of colourways from the vibrancy of Fortitude and Truth Blue to the more muted shades such as Indulge or Lotus. Meditation or hot yoga the PROlite with its many colour options will suit all types of practice. The Manduka PROlite yoga mat can be a vibrant or a subtle addition to your yoga kit - the choice is yours!

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