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UK 01948-770549 Email : 10% Discount On All Purchases Code LY2018 Free UK Delivery!
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Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat - Spark £58!

 Only £58 + Free UK Delivery!

A new edition to the Manduka PROlite range is the Manduka Spark PROlite yoga mat. Its design is a dark intense ripple effect in tones of deep raspberry, plum, ruby and rose - all encapsulated under the name Spark(pink) but it is definitely a richer and more intense colour combination than its name suggests. The Manduka PROlite Spark yoga mat sits well with other Manduka yoga products in the same colourway, or team it with Manduka Bliss Grey Commuter Mat Carrier and Manduka Midnight Yoga Block. This is a limited edition yoga mat in the PROlite range and again Manduka have created a beautiful looking yoga mat.

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The Manduka PROlite yoga mat still retains its position as a much sought after mat for yoga practice. It is light weight 1.8kg (4lbs) and 5mm thick for comfort on all surfaces and therefore proves very popular for use at studio and home. With dimensions of 180cm (71") in length - which is 3" longer than a standard mat size - and 61 cm (24") width, it provides plenty of room for intense yogo practice. Manufactured in Germany and made from eco-certified safe PVC, free of toxins (specifically phthalate free) and latex-free. The manufacturing process is certified emissions free, so an eco-friendly mat too. The manufacture and design of each mat ensures ease of movement on the surface and the dot pattern texture on the reverse side ensures a good grip on various surfaces. Easy to clean after practice and with a life-time guarantee the Manduka PROlite Spark yoga mat is a brilliant new addition to the Manduka yoga family.

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