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Manduka Prolite

Manduka Prolite 71”

If you practice yoga, you have realized how essential it is to have a good and reliable yoga mat. A good yoga mat could make a huge difference in your yoga practices as it must support you during your yoga position and prevent you from sliding or falling during a yoga pose. So far, the best yoga mat available is the Manduka Prolite Mat 71”.

The Manduka Prolite is the best yoga mat today. It can enhance your yoga experience. This product showcases a good combination of quality and lightness. Despite being super lightweight, the maker of this yoga mat assures you that you will have a comfortable and convenient yoga performance.


Utmost Performance

Manduka Prolite yoga mats offer utmost performance in lightweight form. Apart from being utilized at home, this mat can also be used as a studio mat. Due to its lightweight feature, you can also carry this mat anywhere you go. This mat offers longevity which does not just assure its best performance. If you are in the market for a yoga mat that could stand the test of time, Manduka Prolite 71” is the best yoga mat to purchase.

Safety and Comfort

Yoga is a type of exercise that needs full concentration and focus. This is why you sweat a lot while doing various poses or positions. With this mat, you’ll get not just the quality it offer, but also the comfort and safety of doing your yoga poses. The surface of this mat is closed-cell that keeps moisture and sweat from leaking in it. Through this way, you keep avoid bacteria from accumulating in your yoga mat.

Manduka Prolite comes with a high density cushion. With this product, you will experience unparalleled yoga exercises. The maker of this product not only gives you an extra thick yoga, but also a versatile yoga mat that you can use on any surface with comfort. What sets the Manduka Prolite 71” apart from the rest is that it is equipped with joint protection in order to keep you at ease, relaxed as well as comfortable.

The Manduka Prolite 71” has a fabric-like surface for favorable and best possible movement for in between positions that you’re making.


  • Manduka Prolite is slip resistant that allows you to enjoy the benefits from holding your positions or doing your moves.
  • This is especially made so it will not absorb swat, thus getting rid of the issue of nasty smells.
  • Your joints are secured because these yoga mats are firm yet give comfortable support.
  • Super lightweight making them a travel friendly mat

As a fitness professional and somebody who values environmentally conscious living, the Manduka Prolite Yoga mats are sustainable and eco friendly. These are designed to be a one off purchase lasting a lifetime. Prolite 71” mats are made using a process which will not let toxic emissions to be produced into the environment.

With Manduka Prolite 71”, you can exercise comfortably, securely as well as guilt free right at the comfort of your home.

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