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Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat: The World's Best Yoga Mat

 When it comes to mats, it is no wonder to find yogis taking sides. This is because it presents an important decision on selecting the only major piece of equipment required for yoga practice. The non-slip bottom, deep cushion and lifetime warranty of the PRO yoga mat from Manduka has made it a far cry from the plastic sheets numerous yogis are used to practicing on. No wonder, it has become a highly favored mat by many yoga teachers.


For some decades now, the Manduka PRO yoga mat has been topping the chart as the world’s best yoga mat. This legendary mat is efficiently designed to last a lifetime. In terms of material quality, density, and cushioning, this mat is top notch. Apart from its significant impacts in various poses, it provides users with a great foundation for deepening their practice.


The Manduka yoga mat has a specific top and bottom surface. Unlike most yoga mats on the market, it rarely bunches or shifts during any yoga practice. While measuring ¼ inch in height, the mat which is designed to provide a softer surface for the back and knees is relatively thicker than most mats. Many yoga practitioners do not consider having extra props and blankets as a necessity for a softer surface due to its extra thickness.


Commonly referred to as the “Royce Rolls of yoga mats,” the PRO yoga mat from Manduka is well enhanced with extra padding for spine and knee comfort. Together with a lifetime guarantee and an unrivaled ability to endure long hours of yoga practice, this yoga mat will remain with you both for this life and your reincarnation.


No matter where you go or find yourself, you are sure to feel at home with your practice on the yoga mat Manduka. Even without taking up too much room it still offers substantial grip-ability and it is light enough not to weigh you down. Due to its intelligent design, functionality, small size, and easy ability to fold up and fit in any carry-on bag, this mat can become your absolute favorite travel mat.


Unlike many other brands out there that often present awful smell due to the toxins and chemicals that were used to soften the rubber, Manduka does not make use of toxic chemicals during its manufacturing process. It employs an emissions-free manufacturing process which is nontoxic. Made from biodegradable natural tree rubber, this 100 percent latex-free mat does not smell. If you are looking for commitment, this sustainable, Oeko-Tex certified yoga mat is the one for you.


Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Manduka Lifetime Guarantee

 Most interestingly, the Manduka PRO will never fade, flake or peel. In fact, it improves over time. It is guaranteed to last a lifetime. As part of efforts to prevent users from sliding away during practice, the mat has been efficiently designed with proprietary dot patterned bottom aimed at enhancing stability. The mat does not absorb dirt and sweat due to its closed cell surface. As a closed-cell yoga mat, the Manduka PRO yoga mat has proven to be very efficient for any heated yoga class and it’s very easy to clean.


Amazingly, this mat does not budge in any way even when you are hopping into a handstand. Apart from helping to provide a stable practice surface, the mat also helps to protect the joints with adequate softness due to its extra padding. Thanks to its unmatched density and cushion. Manduka can be your rock, your base, and your mat forever. Though it appears to be heavier in weight than some others, it is however designed to be strong, grounded and efficiently connected with a long lasting strength.


The Manduka Mat Pro has been found to be amazing in various ways. Along with its ability to endure hours of yoga practice, the mat remains stable on carpet, stone and hardwood floors. Many yoga teachers and professionals can swear by the durability or quality of the Mat. If you are an audacious, committed yogi who enjoys traveling and practicing anywhere, you will surely find this sticky, easy to pack, low maintenance and fairly light mat to be a perfect travel companion.


If you want to get down and sweaty during your practice without hurting your knees, find a Manduka yoga mat sale shop and purchase the Mat PRO. It is the favorite mat of many yoga teachers and professionals.


Manduka Yoga Mat Sale

 When it comes to pricing, it is important to think of your mat as an investment. Though its price may appear to be a little on the high side, however, it is worth it. There are many other commodities with this price range that do not come with a lifetime promise.


No doubt, the pricey mat PRO is a bigger commitment. For all the Chaturangas you are about to endure, you may consider the extra weight of your mat as a warm up for your arms. But for ease of transportation, it is advisable that you grab yourself a strap especially if you are looking to travel with the Manduka mat PRO. Many yogis love the “ice-rink slippery” nature of their super sturdy mat. However, yogis who leave their mats at a studio will not be bothered about its 7 pounds of cushion.


If you are looking for the most comfortable yoga mats on the market, you really cannot go wrong when you choose Manduka PRO yoga mat. Although not many sales are offered by Manduka, however, you very likely to find some obscure colors.


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