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Manduka eKO Review

Hopefully you will enjoy this manduka eko review

Eko 5mm Yoga Mat

The manduka eko review is aimed at the 5mm Yoga Mat. If you enjoy doing yoga and want to be eco-friendly, you may need to take your yoga practice down to an eko yoga mat. A yoga practice can be improved using a yoga mat that is friendly to your body and to your environment. Eco-friendly yoga mats are usually made from ultra hygienic and natural materials. There are various brands of yoga mat available today, each one made from a range of materials with diverse features that might suit you. However, one of the best eco friendly yoga mats available today is the Manduka Eko.

Lets get down to the main part of the Manduka Eko Review - 5mm Yoga Mat!

Who Can Buy and Benefit from this Product?

The Manduka Eko is ideal for those who like a durable yoga mat to last them in all their yoga practices. These yoga mats are made from organic tree rubber with a sea grass touch and feel that is great on the body and is also easy on the environment.

The Manduka eKO yoga mats offer a naturally grippe surface which catches once you begin to slide. Enviromentally friendly, this mat is made of organic materials that strongly support both the planet and your yoga practice. 


Manduka eKo yoga mats are equipped with essential features such as:

  • Made by yoga experts over four year
  • The most reliable and durable rubber yoga mat available today.
  • No harmful plasticizers and No PVC
  • Made from Non-Amazon harvested tree rubber without toxic foaming agents as well as non-AZO dyes.
  • Free from latex
  • Post industrial scrap is caringly collected and used in the making other components, resulting in a zero waste making process.


  • It comes with tri-layer technology that provides the best combination of durability, grip, comfort as well as performance.
  • Organic sealed cell surface keeps out moisture as well as sweat from absorbing into the mat, thus preventing bacteria from breeding.
  • Stretch resistant scrim combines exceptional layers utilizing a heating procedure that gets rid of the need for lethal or poisonous glues.
  • It has a thick bottom layer that offers lightweight cushion and superb loft for yoga practice.

Proper Usage and Care

Manduka eKO yoga mats can be maintained by wiping it a Manduka Mat Restore Spray. This is vinegar based cleaner or you can make your own cleaner by mixing natural apple cider vinegar and water. It is highly recommended that you avoid putting this mat in your washing machine because there is a possibility of breaking down the material. Avoid submerging or soaking the mat in water and also you have to avoid using any kind of soap for cleaning because it will compromise the integrity and the performance of the yoga mat. Don’t leave the yoga mat under the sunlight. Allow the mat to dry prior to storing.

All in all, Manduka eKo yoga mat is made of natural materials. The foaming agents utilized to develop the product are safe as well as non-toxic. The manufacturer uses a combination of natural cotton as well as polyester to provide you with high quality performance.


Hopefully after reading this manduka eko review you will be tempted to check our great choice of Manduka eKo 5mm yoga mats.

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