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Everything You Need To Know About Yoga Travel Mats

Yoga Travel Mat Introduction

Holiday season has begun – time to leave your busy working life and head to remote, restful places for some relaxation and Yoga! Time to buy that travel yoga mat and book your tickets.

There are a great many types of travel mats for yoga enthusiasts on the market. One of the main requirements is that it should provide the same yoga experience but be adaptable to the varying constraints of travelling. Whether you are back-packing or jet-lining the mat you take with you should be light-weight, thin and preferably foldable. Many are made to a thickness - or should I say thinness – of only 1.5mm and weigh less than1 kg, easily foldable for suitcase or rolled for a backpack.

Types of Travel Mat

Yoga-Mad Warrior II Yoga Mat 4mm x 183cm x 61cm 1.1kg.


This mat provides good cushioning and grip and is fantastic value for money. It is Phthalate free and comes in good range of colours – Dark Blue, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Lime Green, Graphite, Light Blue and Purple. It is 4mm thick and 183cm (6ft) long. Due to its thickness it cannot be folded but it is chosen for its lightness while travelling. Priced at £20 with free shipping so a very affordable mat.

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Yoga-Mad : Studio Travel Yoga Mat 1.8mm x 183cm x 60cm 0.75kg.


This travel mat by Yoga-Mad has excellent grip and is made from Phthalate free PVC. Foldable and lightweight.  It is only available in blue. Retail price is £22 with free shipping.

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For a greater choice in colours look to

Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Mat 1.5mm x 180cm x 61cm 1kg.

This mat comes in a variety of colours – Midnight, New Moon, Intuition, Thunder , Kin, Acai, Raisin and so on. An easily foldable travel mat, very light only 1kg, made from bio-degradable natural tree rubber and is part of the Manduka eKO range. Prices from £40 with free shipping.

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Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat 4.7mm x 180cm x 61cm 2kg.


Another mat more bulkier at 2kg but with the same dimension is the Manduka Prolite which again comes in a large variety of colours, choose from Hermosa, Intuition, Spark, Lotus or Truth Blue etc.  Made from PVC - OEKO-TEX certified, and emissions-free manufacturing. Many yogis have travelled with this mat which at 61cm (24”) can easily be fitted into a larger suitcase, not a foldable mat though due to size. Also a point to note, some PROlites I have noticed weigh well under 2kg say 1.8kg while some are heavier. It is just down to the individual mat you can always check prior to purchase if weight is important. PROlite mat prices start at £58 which includes free shipping.

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Lotuscrafts MUDRA Yoga Mat 5mm x 183cm x 63cm 1.4kg.


Well this is a great surprise! A great looking yoga mat 5mm thick and only 1.4kg! The non-slip surface has a waffle structure to provide perfect grip. Available in the following colours : Aubergine, Cornflower, Bamboo, Royal Blue and Anthracite. The latter two are XL versions so dimensions are larger at 195cm x 61cm and weigh 1.6kg. However not a foldable mat but brilliant if weight is a top priority. Priced at £28 a good value mat providing good cushioning while light-weight, again with free shipping.

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Once purchased your travel mat does not need to remain out of sight once the holiday season is over, it can and often is used in at yoga classes to place over the provided studio mat for hygiene purposes.

Mat Care

As with all yoga mats a regular clean is required. With most mats a hand wash with a recommended mat spray is suitable. Always allow to thoroughly dry flat before storage. Please see manufacturer’s individual advice on cleaning.

Airline Hand Luggage Restrictions

Please be aware that the size of carry hand luggage is approximately 23 x 36 x 56cm (9 x 14 x 22 inches) and can vary with each carrier. So a 61cm rolled yoga mat may be problematic.  Best to check with your airline prior to departure.

Happy holidays and adventures wherever you and your mat may go!!

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